About Scam Review

We’re home to the 98% of the audience that reads reviews for safekeeping.

We’re our Cause

The cause that we’ve brought into effect, the cause that connects and expands the whole network, is "Building and Bringing Awareness." Touching sensitive consumer areas with deliberate knowledge and insight from the ones who have experienced it firsthand.

A cause that promotes safer online practices.

Scam Review

The story that birthed Scam Review

Our core members, who confronted some of the most unpleasant online experiences, wanted to be the voices that reached out to the broader horizon, hoping that no one else undergoes the same.

That’s when the thought struck them: there are so many who face good, bad, or even terrible experiences online, but not all their voices are heard. Creating a peer-to-peer system bridges a vast gap and acknowledges bigger problems.

Our Approach

Here’s what drives our performance and our valued culture.

Living at the heart of a peer-to-peer network that brings genuine feedback, recommendations, opinions, and insight, we aim to become an analytical being that helps identify secure options online.

To introduce and promote critical thinking within society before one engages with a business or their product or service.

Our objective is to create a user-friendly, accessible, and approachable space that cherishes opinions and encourages mindful decision-making wherever finances are involved.

The 2Ps that help pick our pace—our driving factors.
Our passion for simplifying financial matters for people and Our people who make it all happen.

The 4Is that make our intentions and beliefs clearer
Integrity: a quality or virtue that’s at the center of everything we do,
Inclusion: We stand by the belief that with a structural setup like ours, there is no room for biases. Each person and their reviews are valued equally,
Innovation: An umbrella that covers technological advancements and keeps us up on the latest developments and,
Interconnection: This supports our theory that everything is interconnected, and a network that’s so closely interlinked can go a long way and benefit many along the way.

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