Crypto Funds Recovery 

1.00/5.00 08, Jul 2023

Scam Company and Platform

I agreed to pay their fees, after recovery. They flashed my Crypto Funds Recovery Wallet to reflect almost full recovery (a HUGE Amount). To withdraw, you can only withdraw the full amount, with a cost of $2,345. They said they would help me with $2,000 (after I promised to increase their Fee greatly). I sent out $415 and my Wallet flashed $2,045. I sent them another $305 but they never deposited in my Crypto Funds Wallet. I even used Kraken to by TRONs and transferred them to My Crypto Funds Wallet but it never got there. I emailed them so many times, as I am in a very difficult position with the IRS and I need the fund to get the IRS off my back, save my house and my family (we're about to become homeless) but they never replied (it's been 9 days since they last emailed me). What kind of people would do all this just for a mere $1,000 ( I increased their fee by approx. $90,000 ). Now I am facing losing my house, become homeless with my family, thanks to Crypto Funds Recovery and Harumi Williams ( supposedly the General Manager ) This is a SCAM Company and Platform. Stay away, as far away as possible.

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5.00/5.00 22, Mar 2023

I was a victim of

I was a victim of All of of a sudden the exchange went offline disappearing with thousands of customer crypto asset and till date they no longer respond to my emails. I don't know how the algorithm works but was able to recover the full $125,235 in my account thou i was charger a fee before plus a 10% commission. I will highly recommend any victim to do same. There are lots of fake and unregulated crypto exchange out there. Watch out fellows

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5.00/5.00 10, Mar 2023

Had no idea my usdt could be recovered…

Had no idea my usdt could be recovered after making several attempts contact trust wallet support to help. I contacted cryptofundsrecovery out of frustration and they did help for real tho they told me 24hrs but it took over a week to full all the money i lost in the hands of those dirt scammers who tricked me into paying them over $35000 for a real estate business which doesn’t exist.

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1.00/5.00 09, Apr 2023

Stay away, scam!!

I reached out to cryptofindsrecovery as I was a victim of 4 separate recovery scams and 1 bitcoin mining scam. I lost 16,000 dollars to scams. Cryptofundsrecovery told me they could help me recover my lost funds with NO upfront fees. They recovered the funds and then asked me to deposit 1049 dollars as a fee to convert my USD to bitcoin. I told them I do not have that amount to pay in fees. They said they would help me to cover the fees. They faked and lied. They flashed the wallet with 600 dollars. I then deposited 400 USD. And my funds did not reflect in the wallet. I then used bitref to check the wallet in goings and out goings. And the money I had deposited was withdrawn from the destination wallet and they scammed me for my funds. Please do not trust this company... They have scammed me. And I will leave this review here so anyone who is thinking of using this company knows that they are a scam. Thank you, Daniel Pratt

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Crypto Funds Recovery 

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